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This is the realest shit

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Fun reproductive fact: you were not the fastest sperm

Other sperm start burrowing into the egg and die on the way in. You were an opportunistic sperm that waited for the others to die making it easy for you to burrow in.

#yes #i like that i have been consistent in my attitude from like pre-conception

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"Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love."

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please don’t make people with depression feel guilty for their lack of interest in things or their inability to motivate themselves please and thank you goodbye 

on that note, please don’t make people with anxiety feel guilty about their inability to do tasks you deem simple and literally call them children and tell them to grow up because of it

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I wanna do something productive but I don’t wanna leave my bed a classic novel written by me

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"The worst part about anything that’s self destructive is that it’s so intimate. You become so close with your addictions and illnesses that leaving them behind is like killing the part of yourself that taught you how to survive."

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when an artist wants to show you their art

or a writer wants you to read what they’ve written

it’s quite often an expression of trust

because a poem or a story or a painting are often things that come from the heart

little pieces of the artists themselves

and if they’re willing to share it with you

you should appreciate it

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sometimes i just get upset because im not the person i want to be and i think about my future and it clouds my head with negative thoughts about how im not going to be important

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